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Tangerine Games officially formed in the fall of 2022 after Bryan demoed Brandon’s Nestlings on Tabletop Simulator in the summer. While giving feedback on the playthrough, the two discovered they had many things in common - from the types of games they enjoy, to their humor, and ultimately their values.


Both had wanted to publish board games, especially since Brandon had the design and artistic skills and Bryan had some experience in the industry.

So, one thing led to another and Tangerine Games was created.

Tangerine Games’ projects lean heavily into the natural world and the amazing things found in it. Board games should play well and also look good! Their flagship title, Nestlings, clearly fits the bill. When deciding what type of game the Tangerine Games brand will publish, some

non-negotiables are adaptive skill level, simple to teach, strategic yet calming, and fit for all ages.




Brandon is the founder and co-owner of Tangerine Games. What started out as a photography passion project quickly turned into something more with his first ever game design, Nestlings. Brandon has since then transitioned from photography to tabletop board game design, and development.

Outside of board games, Brandon spends most of his time with his beautiful wife, and two children, Jack and Olivia. Together, they are almost always on a new adventure, enjoying every step they take.

Currently, the games that most often hit his table are, Barcelona, Kutna Hora, and Chicken!



While Bryan moonlights as a podcast editor/producer and avid tennis fan/player, his main passion lies within the tabletop gaming industry. By year’s end, he will have attended just shy of 10 board game conventions — demoing/play testing games, and spending more money than necessary.

Residing along the east coast in North Carolina, Bryan will hold the position of Communication and Facilitation Guru at Tangerine Games — ensuring processes run smoothly, communication is on point, and connecting like-minded people through the power of tabletop gaming.

Currently, the games that most often hit his table are, Fantastic Factories, Raiders of the North Sea, Furnace, and Castles of Burgundy!

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